Monday, February 22, 2010

The Artist's Eye

 Storm Coming Home Oil on Canvas 28x22

 Lost Maples Cactus Prismacolor 7x8

 The New Calf Prismacolor 16x20

 Dreamers Bridge 16x20 Prismacolor

 Packing Out 20x32 Prismacolor Pencil

 Savona Creek 8X10 Oil on Canvass

 Tranquility Canyon 6x8 Mixed Media. Started with cheap markers then added Prismacolor Pencil

 Mountain Lion 11x14 Prismacolor. Sketched from my Photo

 Imaginary Table Setting Sketch
8x10 Pencil

Lake Travis Driftwood
8x10 Pencil Sketch
Sketched in Lago Vista, Texas

 Wine Glass at the Pool 11x14 Prismacolor

Wine Bottle Terrarium
with Palm Plant

 Toothpick House 1437 picks and a lot of patience

 Toothpick House At Night Its Bed Time

 Glass Etching Deer In Woods A Winter Scene. Beveled Glass with Rope Chain

 Etching Humming Bird Glass Box

 Mother and Child Etching Glass on Stand

 West Coast Oil 8 X 10 Somewhere in Northern California

 Mish Mosh Oil 5X6 Canvass Board with leftover paint

 Hawksbill Tortoise Endangered Species Oil 24X30

 Small Fish on the Tortoise Painting Zoom In

 Squiggly Tubes Mindless Meandering

  "CORK MAN" Wine Mascot